Welling up from sub-Antarctic waters, New Zealand's coastline is both unpolluted and nutriant rich. This combines to produce some of the worlds tastiest inshore species. 

New Zealand Fern™ Seafood provides clean fillets in both fresh (chilled) and frozen options that are available all year round across a broad range of species. Amongst the Quality range of finfish, are Blue Cod, Snapper, Groper, Bluenose, Dory, Gurnard, Ling, Rig, and Hoki.

Greenshell Mussels- New Zealand Greenshell™ mussels are a sought after delicacy both locally and in global markets. They are high in protein and are low in fat, resulting in them being a popular healthy choice of seafood. QualityNZ Greenshell Mussels are available year round.

Abalone (Pāua)– Locally know as Paua, this species of abalone is regarded for its firm flesh and rich flavours. Sought after for it therapeutic and medicinal purposes in some parts of the world, this delicacy is available year round. 

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