Meat Products

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A tepid climate, gentle rolling hills, large open plains, and sustainable farming practices combine to produce some of the world's best free range meat.

Once you taste New Zealand's Pure South™ lamb, it's easy to understand why it has such a large international following. The sweet flavours and tender cuts provide for a unique experience. QualityNZ™ exclusively offers to the Indian market the world class Pure South™ range of products supplied to us by the Alliance group. The Alliance Group is one of the largest processors of sheepmeat in the world, and is New Zealand's largest processor of all meat types.

QualityNZ is able to supply all year round, and along with sheep meat products, the Pure South™ range also offers options for Beef and Venison. Our meat is selected to provide outstanding flavour and tenderness, while being naturally lean, and very nutrictious.


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